May 2009

Newly discovered

September 2008

Leukemia Cup Regatta 2008

August 2007

What they are missing

October 2005

Leukemia Cup 2005

May 2005

What Falls Away

December 2004

Bracing for the Holidays

September 2004

Regatta Nada and New House Plans

August 2004

Ever Forward

March 2004


February 2004


January 2004

Thanks for all the kindness

December 2003

Gary's journey is drawing to an end
End of week two..
Christmas Eve 2003
'twas the night before the night before Christmas
Still an Inpatient
Week Summary
Monday Night Update
Back in the Hospital
Interferon Blues
Monday on Rockaway Beach

November 2003

Still Trucking
Here we go again . . .
Interferon, Flu and Cheesy Lights, oh my . . .
Day +60

October 2003

Galloween on Hold this year
Feds indict the Galloways as part of the Rush Limbaugh investigation. . .
Transplant Day +41: More sink holes in the road
Gary Jr now 100% Gary Sr. Marcy Seen Running from House
Day +28 and Holding

September 2003

Yes, I am still around: Day +23
Weathering the Storm
Hurricanes and Transplants: Day +12
Transplant: Day +8
Transplant: Day +5 . . . feeling good enough
Life as a Rollercoaster

August 2003

Finally, February Journal Entries are in the Archives
New hospital, same butt
And in a Related Story...
Hot Damn and Halleluia
The South Burns Again

July 2003

Counts down and out
Bourbon Tour of Kentucky
Back at Rockaway
Chemo Revisted
Update from Atlantis
We're Outta Here
Platelets Failing me now!
SNL: Weekend Update . . .
Hanging tight, feeling decent

June 2003

Back Home
Still in but no fever, feelin great
Home Sweet Home: Short Lived
Home Sweet Home
Galloween Membership Hits All-Time High
Back in the Saddle
Thursday Night Update
The Party is Cancelled.
A Party, for Me???
#$%@! What Next
The votes are in!

May 2003

Decisions, Decisions (work in progress)
The update: There is no update
The Germans let us down again
Life on a Wednesday night
Back from the beach
There's No Place Like Home
Still feeling sick...

April 2003

Feelin' not-so-groovy
Chemo: Round Three
House of the Infirm
My cold continues
Summary: The Hutch Experience
What can you do to help?
Hopkins confirms my parents are my parents
Mariners Win and the Sun was out!
In Seattle, safe and sound
Seattle Bound
All quiet for once...
A walk in the park
Free at last
ahhhh, a cool 99.8

March 2003

Can you say 103.8?
A little ghost writing...
You wanted current events!
Ground assault on my hair continues
Daily Update
Now this is chemotherapy
Ding-Ding, Round II
Hopkins recon visit
Too much information

February 2003

4 day update
The Dig out
Valentine's Day and the calm before the storm
Out and about
Home...'nough said
The good and the bad
To eat or to eat, there is no question
The Indigent Parade
Training begins
TV sucks if you did not know
Old Man Gary
To puke or not to puke...
Chemo Brain Sets In
Sleepy Time
Wait, wait, wait

January 2003

Still feeling decent
All quiet on the GBMC front
The plan
The enemy has a name
Philadelphia Freedom...right!
The calm before the storm.
My first surgery
A day of tests
Cancer confirmed and I am admitted
The C Word
A day or rest
Enough is enough
The Pain continues